History of the Centre for Nurse and Midwife-led Research

In 2007, UCLH and UCL secured funding from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) to support a Comprehensive Biomedical Research Centre (CBRC). The UCLH Chief Nurse asked the CBRC's Research and Development Director to consider allocating some financial support to develop research capacity and capability amongst UCLH's nurses and midwives. Thus, in 2010 he tasked Kay Mitchell, a UCL research nurse, (with a background in critical care at UCLH), to put forward a proposal for how this might be achieved. The Centre for Nurse and Midwife-led Research (CNMR) was conceived in collaboration with Sheila Adam, the UCLH Deputy Chief Nurse with responsibility for nurse and midwife research and development. It was launched at the end of 2010 at an event that also included the presentation of prizes to the winners of the CNMR's first research poster competition for UCLH and UCL nurses and midwives.

Since its launch the team has developed a number of initiatives to promote research capacity and capability. These have included the 'Why Not' workshop series, and the 'Leading Light' lecture series. The workshops are free to UCLH and UCL staff and aim to support them to develop research related skills including writing for publication, and applying for grant funding. The lecture series has attracted national and international nurse and midwife researchers who have shared their research and career highlights with the audience. The aim is that they will inspire the next generation of nurse and midwife researchers.

The CNMR also offers one to one appointments to individuals looking for anything from research related career advice to help with developing research ideas and the related methodology. These could be with a member of the CNMR team or other associated experienced clinical and/or academic nurses and midwives. In addition, the CNMR has hosted an annual Research in Clinical Practice conference since 2012. This conference provides novice nurse and midwife researchers the opportunity to present their work. It also showcases the work of more established researchers to the nursing and midwifery workforce. Conference attendance is free for any UCLH or UCL employed nurse or midwife.

The CNMR now employs three members of staff to provide advice and administrative support for any activities that help to build research capacity and capability amongst nurses and midwives. These comprise of a Director, a Research Facilitator who assists enquirers with queries related to grant and ethics applications, and an administrator whose work includes organising events, managing the website, and supporting the work of the CNMR team. You can contact them on 020 3108 8055 or by using the contact form.