21st Jan 2011

City University PhD opportunities

If you are interested in research that really makes a difference to your work, then this might be just for you. The opportunity of being supported to undertake research that directly relates to your field of practice is available. All you need to do is put a one page proposal together and obtain your Organisational approval to work flexibly with the necessary academic support from City University. Your research has to relate directly to your clinical activity, service priorities and improving patient outcomes.

There are six places allocated specifically for Nurses and Midwifes.

The deadline for complete applications is 31st January, 2011 but it is recommended you discuss your ideas with Professor Sally Hardy before you submit. You can do this via the Centre for Nursing and Midwifery Research by contacting either Kay Mitchell or Sally Hardy directly to discuss your ideas.

Please get in touch now, as this could be the challenge you and your clinical field need!
We can also discuss how to be flexible in organising your time, as busy clinicians juggle their work commitments with further study.

Sally is a Professor of Mental Health and Practice Innovation, at City University and has wide experience of different methodological approaches, including Practice Development

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