23rd May 2018

Clinical Academic Careers Internship Opportunity

Sponsored NIHR Internships for eligible Midwife, Nurse and Allied Health Care
Professionals in London
Health Education England Integrated Clinical Academic Career Programme
The Health Education England in London regional team have again agreed to collaborate to offer
an internship programme for aspiring clinical academics, with the explicit aim of providing the
requisite skills, knowledge and competence to enable interns to access a postgraduate research
programme in London.
Full details of the internship programme can be found at:

The internship programme will run over an eight month period from September 2018 to April
2019, during which interns will require secondment from their work place for a minimum of two
days per week.
In addition, interns will enrol at one of the two designated universities to undertake a customised
30 credit postgraduate programme designed to enable those who successfully complete it to
access a postgraduate research programme.
We would be grateful if you would let your staff know about this opportunity. Applications must
be received by 9am on Monday 18th June 2018 and must be accompanied by a letter of support
from their seconding manager.
If you have any questions about the Internship Programme Fellowship or how to apply please
email your enquiry to:

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